PML-Engineered Mold Solutions, LLC | Company Name

PML Engineered Mold Solutions, LLC is a company that was specifically formed to focus on the Management, Design, Manufacture, and Qualification of injection mold tooling. PML has over 30 years experience managing Low-Cost Country (LCC) and domestic tooling programs. Whether it is one mold or twenty PML can handle all of your tooling requirements.

Roger Reiner:

Roger is a Journeyman Mold Maker with 45 years of experience in the Injection Mold Industry. Roger started his career at Hub Mold, Inc. in 1972 where he worked as a die maker and completed his apprenticeship. In 1976 he left to go to Liberty Tool and Die to work and eventually becoming Business Group Manager of the Mold Solutions Group. In 1998 Understanding that the mold industry was under pressure from global competition Roger sought out Low-Cost Country suppliers to partner with to bring more competitive prices and deliveries while retaining the quality and service customers were accustom to from domestic companies. Since that time Roger has successfully managed hundreds of tooling programs for many different industries.

Pat Ryan:

Pat began his career in sales for Rochester Smelting and Refining Co. and sold zinc and aluminum alloys to die casting companies in the Northeast. He then went to work as Sales Manager for a die casting company with locations throughout the US. As die casting transitioned to plastics
primarily throughout the automotive industry, Pat was named VP Sales at Alliance Tool Corp in Rochester, NY and focused his career on tooling and production for the molded plastics industry.

Utilizing decades of combined experience Pat and Roger have teamed up to form PML Engineered Mold Solutions with a primary focus on the supply of quality mold tooling with proven manufacturing facilities both domestic and offshore.