PML-Engineered Mold Solutions, LLC PML Provides Injection Mold Tooling Through The Proven Process below | Company Name

PML Provides
Injection Mold Tooling Through The Proven Process below

Step 1- Estimating - First we review and understand what our customer's requirements are, from there we can determine the best sourcing option to return the best tool quality and price. Normally quotations are turned around within 24-48 hours.

Step 2 - DFM (Design for Manufacture) - Upon receipt of the order PML will develop a DFM presentation for your review. The DFM will identify very specific details about each tool, making sure that every requirement is clearly defined so a preliminary design can be created quickly. The DFM turn around is normally 3 days.

Step 3 - 2D design- A preliminary 2D design is submitted for review. This design includes plan and section views and a Bill of materials of major components, and all special machine interface items, such as machine hookups, quick clamps, etc. A PML engineer will review the design against our customers' specifications and then review it in detail with our customer. The average time to get to a 2D preliminary is 1 week.

Step 4 - Materials - From the approved 2D design major material components will be purchased and a complete 3D design will begin.

Step 5 - 3D Design - A 3D model of the completed mold tool will be submitted for review and approval. From this design, the manufacturing process will begin. 3D design approximately 1 week.

Step 6 - Manufacturing - The mold tool manufacture will begin with detailed progress reports, in graph format with images will be sent each week throughout the program.

Step 7 - Sample and Qualification - Normal qualification allows for 3 tool trials called T0, T1, T2. Between each trial, there is an opportunity to correct any issues or incorporate dimensional adjustments. From each of these trials, parts will be express shipped to you for review and approval.

Step 8 - Logistics - PML will ship the mold direct to one of our domestic landing zones for final sample and approvals. PML can also direct ship to your manufacturing facility. PML arranges all transportation to your door.